About The Memorial

Remember Sand Creek seeks to construct a memorial to the victims of the Sand Creek Massacre on the Colorado State Capitol grounds. Our efforts are tri-fold: to increase public awareness and education, to raise money for the creation of the memorial, and persuade the Capitol Building Advisory Committee to approve the installation.   We hope this memorial will complement the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site by raising awareness among the 250,000 annual visitors to the State Capitol.

Tribal Representatives from the Northern Arapaho, Northern Cheyenne, and Southern Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes are currently in the process of designing the memorial to be created by Cheyenne and Arapaho artist Harvey Pratt. There is an active fundraising campaign with many ways to participate.

Harvey Pratt

Harvey Pratt is recognized as an accomplished master Native American Indian artist. He has won numerous awards and was named the Red Earth 2005 Honored One. He is a self-taught, multi-talented artist involved in many media: oil, acrylic, watercolor, metal, clay and wood. He has been recognized by the Cheyenne People as an Outstanding Southern Cheyenne. Harvey has also been inducted in to the Southern Cheyenne Chief’s Lodge as one of their traditional Peace Chiefs. He is also considered one of the leading forensic artists in the United States. His work has assisted in thousands of arrests as the only full-time police forensic artist in Oklahoma.

Gail Ridgely

Gail Ridgely is a Northern Arapaho tribal Member, of Riverton, Wyoming, massacre descendant, and member of the DU John Evans Study Committee. His experience includes: school administration, tribal college president, immersion school director, and mediator in tribal domestic disputes. Mr. Ridgely, is a U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Wyoming State Advisory Committee Member and he received a Cultural Freedom Award.  He was recognized for Respected Achievement and Service to Native Education from the National Indian Education Association.

Seidel Standing Elk

A member of the Northern Cheyenne Nation and a descendant of the So-taaeo-o, Standing Elk is a painter and teacher. His art reflects his values, visions, dreams and stories told to him by family members, relatives, and elders of the Cheyenne. The traditional values keep him in touch with the Cheyenne and So-taaeo-o cultures while the contemporary style gives him the freedom to be creative.