Governor Hickenlooper Speaks at the 17th Annual Spiritual Healing Run

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Last Thursday members of the Northern Cheyenne, Northern Arapaho, and the Southern Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes began the 17th annual Spiritual healing run at the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site, northeast of Eads, Colorado. The run, which is considered a prayer rather than a race, continued three days and nearly 175 miles to the Colorado capitol in Denver. There were presentations at Riverside Cemetery, Colorado’s oldest operating cemetery and the burial place of Captain Silas Soule, and 15th & Arapahoe Ave at the Captain Silas Soule Memorial Plaque, which hangs at the location Soule was assassinated as a result of his testimony against John Chivington. The run was led by two Eagle Staffs, Cheyenne and Arapaho, representing prayers of healing and reconciliation for the ancestors of those killed at Sand Creek. All participants walked the last mile to the Colorado capitol where Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper declared November 26th-29th official days of remembrance, spoke on the importance of constructing a memorial to the Sand Creek Massacre, and announced the addition of land to the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site. “This memorial will make the truth of what happened at Sand Creek tangible and real, as if it was a historic building,” said Governor Hickenlooper at this morning’s ceremony on the capitol steps.

Support the creation of the Sand Creek Massacre Memorial on the capitol grounds by giving to Remember Sand Creek or by attending the Sand Creek Memorial Fundraiser at the Governor’s mansion on Tuesday December 1st from 5:30-7:30. Register here: .

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